Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pakej Komunikasi Belia 2013 - Rebate RM200

Pakej Komunikasi Belia 

September lepas masa pembentangan belanjawan 2013, PM ada mengatakan belia akan dapat rebat RM200 untuk pembelian telefon pintar. Memang ramai yang gembira dengan berita ini termasuklah aku yang memang dah lama nak pakai smartphone tapi tak beli-beli (phone elok lagi cuma tak uptodate saje.....jadi tak perlu)

Mungkin bagi orang ramai yang sudah memiliki smartphone RM200 ni tak banyak tapi untuk aku yang baru nak menceburkan diri dalam bidang 'pintar' ni adalah memadai dan aku nak gunakan dengan sebaik mungkin. Ye la, duit itu hak aku sebab aku layak.hehehe....

Truth is sekarang tengah kumpul duit dan nak beli smartphone yang best dan canggih macam Samsung Galaxy Note 2, legalah kalau ada orang support lagi RM200. Tetapi rupa-rupanya ada syarat yang perlu dipatuhi kalau nak dapat rebate RM200 ni.

Jadi, syarat-syaratnya ialah:-
  1. Warganegara Malaysia yang berumur di antara 21‐30 tahun pada tarikh memohon;
  2. Pendapatan bulanan adalah RM3,000 dan ke bawah;
  3. Model telefon pintar 3G yang ditawarkan (Harga maksima RM500);
  4. Untuk langganan baru dan sedia ada pakej jalurlebar; dan
  5. Satu telefon/pakej hanya untuk satu belia.

Maka dengan syarat ketiga itu pemilihan telefon menjadi terhad. Apa je yang ade kan? Jangan risau, ada lebih kurang 23 smartphone telah disenaraikan seperti dibawah:

Senarai+Telefon+Pintar+Rebat+RM200+Bajet+2013 Pendaftaran Pakej Komunikasi Belia   Rebat RM200 SKMM Di Buka Sekarang!

Yang betul-betul menarik perhatian saya cumalah Nokia Lumia 610 dan Sony Xperia Tipo. Syarat nombor empat pulak mengatakan kena subscribe data plan, maka penyiasatan dan penelitian lanjut dijalankan dan hasilnya, saya memilih Umobile sebagai network provider saya sebab dia murah dan kat tempat saya duduk signal dia penuh, provider yang lain suam-suam kuku je signalnya.

 Antara provider lain adalah Celcom, Maxis, Digi, Umobile, TuneTalk, Yes dan Clixster.
(klik untuk penerangan lanjut tentang pakej provider tersebut)

Dengan itu, terhasillah analisa seperti gambar rajah yang dibawah

Klik gambar untuk lihat dengan lebih jelas
Personally, mungkin saya akan pilih Sony Xperia Tipo, tapi thats all depends on the provider's stock, ade ke takde. Hopefully soon i'll be joining rakan-rakan dalam what's app (itu je reason paling penting kenapa nak beli smartphone, betul tak?)

So, macam mana nak dapatkan rebate RM200 ni? Senang je,
Step 1 - Buka laman web SKMM dan klik Borang Permohonan Dalam Talian Pekerja / Pelajar.
Step 2 - Isi semua butiran yang diperlukan seperti maklumat pemohon, maklumat komunikasi dan maklumat pengajian / majikan)
Step 3 - Sahkan butiran dan klik daftar
Step 4 - Print hasilnya dan tuntut dalam masa sebulan dengan kedai-kedai terpilih.

Kalau masih tak jelas dan nak penerangan dengan lebih lanjut, cuba check website ni, memang terbaik sebab siap ada gambar print screen dan detail step by step untuk daftar dalam talian.

Jadi, apa tunggu lagi. Jom serbu sekarang.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Films and Movies based on Real Life Events


Apparently there are lots of films and movies based on real life events. The ones listed below are just some that I find interesting and thought that everyone should check it out. They are totally worth looking into.

At First Sight
Lets not start with what the movie is about. Please feed your curiosity by clicking the title above.
What I find interesting in this movie is that, Virgil the main character is loosely based on Shirl Jennings, and Amy the girlfriend is Barbara Jennings. Virgil who can't see since the age of 3 remember very little about what image is and what seeing is. When he gain sight, he didn't know that he could see. He couldn't connect the images or rather don't know how to connect and translate what he see into useful information to the brain.

When he first took off the bandage after the operation, he had to close his eyes and use his touch senses to identify a can. He doesn't know what is mirror. He doesn't recognize his sister until he hears her voice. He couldn't differentiate between picture and the real thing. He doesn't know what perspective is so he had some trouble moving out of harms way (For example he can see that a car is coming but he doesn't know that the car can hit and cause pain to him). He doesn't have any sense of distance, probably everything look 2D to him instead of 3D. Also, obviously he couldn't read.

And studies has shown that this is true. These are the symptom of a person who is blind but then gain sight. There is even a case where the person is a sight person (term for us who is not blind) but got into accident and lost his sight. After 5 years, he went through a surgery and restore his sight, but he had to take some time to adjust to being able to see again. He had to relearn to use the eyes.
Okay, for more info just click here: Recovery from blindness.
Here is some case studies (Wikipedia version)

Lorenzo's Oil
This is another inspirational stories. Again please click here to go to IMDB page for the introduction.


It is really amazing what parents would do for their children. They would do anything just to make sure that their children receive the best of what the world can offer. And this one family: a mom and a dad even contribute further to the world by providing the cure to his son's disease 'Adrenoleukodystrophy'.

Imagine if the parents were not motivated enough, would we have the cure? Thousands of people around the world is grateful for that particular parents and off course Lorenzo.

Gracie's Choice
I watched this movie on the Hallmark channel years ago and love the film. The main character is played by Kristen Bell - who I know from Heroes but didn't recognize her at the time.

What's amazing is that, she maintain a dean's list student while working as a restaurant manager (I think) and while taking care of her siblings (can't remember how many). Other than that, she is the legal guardian for her siblings and won it through fighting in court. It's one of the first few cases where an older child can fight for custody for the younger child. So, basically a parents can lose custody of their children to their own children. How ironic (",)

The movie was inspired by an article from Reader's Digest, based loosely on a 19 year old Amy. Movie does not follow exactly on Amy's life, but the main thing were there; the struggle, the court battle, the long hour of work, being an excellent student. I feel so motivated to know that Amy use her 100% of time, she literally does not have time for herself. If she can be busy all the time but still manage to be an excellent student, then why can't I? In one way the story push me further towards my limitation and I am glad it did.

Homeless to Harvard: the Liz Murray Story
About the same story with the one above, it is the true story of Liz Murray. And as the title suggest, she went from homeless at the age of 15 to a being a Harvard student with a scholarship (not many people can do that even with a good environment). She is also known for her book 'Breaking Night' which is the source plot for the movie.

Now, already graduating from Harvard, she started a company called Manifest Living teaching people on how to do extraordinary thing. Extra info on her.

Public Enemies
This one is not inspirational as the other and I just love it. I watch it with no idea that this is based on a real life character of John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson, expert criminal in bank robbery. Excellent potrayal by Johnny Depp and off course Christian Bale.

It is such a beautifully made movie that I even cried at the end where an agent is passing John Dillinger's words to his lover Billie. Why I cried is still a mystery, this is not a sad movie but i guess i feel the love of John Dillinger to Billie. Yup I know, weird (-_-) .

The movie is long and unless you like history you would get impatient. There are some historical inaccuracy to the movie as opposed to the real life event, but the inaccuracy are made up by the great-great stories.

Catch Me If You Can
Another criminal based movie. I like how different criminals think compare to general people. Remember how we made up irrelevant excuses when are in trouble? How we get creative and direct the blame toward others?

Off course the main attractions of the movie is Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, but the story is good also. Now, Leo is known to act in several other reality inspired movie like The Basketball Diaries and The Aviator and Titanic perhaps some other titles that I've missed. Tom Hanks also, who can forget The Terminal? Both are just superb actor, I can't compliment them big enough.

Back to the story, its the real life of Frank Abagnale Jr., a really successful con artist. He once was a pilot, doctor, lawyer (imagine all the professional job) and at least other three profession, and all this was before reaching 21 years old! Talk about confidence. I really admire his courage and creativity in working out to get whatever he wants although his way of getting the job done was not strictly speaking legal. What do you expect? He is just 16 years old when he started out as a "criminals". Okay I'm not saying that it is okay to trick other people (I've been trick myself once and if I found the ****** that trick me, I'll make sure he pays for what he did to me and my family) but at that age we all are trying different sorts of thing to find our place in the world (does this make sense?).

Anyway, now he is a security consultant which is kinda sarcastic, aren't people worried that he might pull a scam? hehehe just kidding. He off course make contributions  too especially in the area of banking.

Okay, some of other famous titles to check out;
1.   The Social Network
2.   127 Hours
3.   The Pursuit of Happynes
4.   Coach Carter
5.   Find Me Guilty
6.  World Trade Center
7.  United
8.  Escape From Alcatraz

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sleepy? Bored? Tired? Stress? Then try this!!!

One day when I was blogwalking, I stumble upon this great exercise to get rid of your stress or sleepiness, at work or anywhere-else. The exercise is from Leypark.com and I suggest you guys try this exercise, it's fun and refreshing (",)

Firstly, the warm-up session. This is a wake-up call.
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress
Begin with releasing the 'burden' you carry on your shoulder and let your arms go loose.
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

Post like a star because you are one (hehehe)
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

Step number four is to move your body right to left
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

Repeat the steps (I know you like it)
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

Still sleepy and not feeling well? This step will freshen your mind and body (please seek advice before performing to avoid any harm being done)
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

After that step, you will feel like your flying through the air and this is normal
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

To come back to 'real life', please do this step (no skipping of the step)
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

Better? Now get aggressive...
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

You are a star for performing all of the steps, so post like one.
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

We're getting to the end, last call to get rid of all the sleepiness, tiredness, boredom, stress etc
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress

Share with your friends and Have a good day (",)
 13 Cara Berkesan Untuk Hilangkan Mengantuk Dan Stress
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